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This is a post about our tagging/filtering system. For more information on us specifically, see:

- Overview of who we are
- System roster (WIP)

By the way, if you're wondering where all of our activity is, we keep most of our stuff visible only to people on our Access List. It's pretty easy to gain access, though! If you have a Dreamwidth account, just subscribe to us or post to this entry/message us asking us for access, and we'll more than likely give it! There's also a few opt-in tags that you'll have to explicitly request access to in order to see.

General Tags
These are tags we use across various access levels, including the public level.

- [info] Where all the posts containing basic information about our system, this journal, certain tags, and so forth live.
- [directories], [resources] For lists of useful stuff and individual resources we make or find.
- [plural pondering] For any thoughts on the topic of plurality itself.
- [fandom flimflam] For all stuff pertaining to our fandoms. The fandoms themselves will also be tagged, unless it's a general fandom post full of casual mentions.
- [it's a quandary] For stuff directly about going-ons in our system, or descriptions of system things.
- [art], [writing], [cooking] Everything related to, well...
- [everyone needs a hobby] For discussion of programming stuff, including career prospects we're chasing.
- And of course, tags marking various system members.

General Access List Tags
Posts with these tags are visible by default to anyone who we've given access. We'll automatically grant access to people who subscribe to us or give us access, and you're welcome to request general access here or in PMs as well. No opting into individual tags required.

- [everyday plodding] A chronicle of various usually-casual life things.
- [system art] Exactly what it says on the tin! Art we do for other systems goes here, too.

Opt-In Tags/Filters
These tags are not visible to anyone, access list or otherwise, by default--each of them is a separate filter. They contain somewhat personal content that we don't want easily viewable by anyone. You can request access either by private messaging us or posting in the comments below with the tags that you want. We can't guarantee that we can give everyone access to everything requested, but we'll never take offense at asking as long as people are okay with "no" as an answer.

- [everyday mental wellness] Day to day living with trauma symptoms, dissociation, and other mental stuff. Includes various rambles on things we do to get through the day, mindsets that help us, etc. If we get back into therapy, talk of that will go here, too.
- [the mythology] All the fantastical, symbolic ways in which our system's innermost workings express themselves, and how we manipulate them--headspace magic, innerworld rituals, Shadow work, etc. Contains a lot of religious themes: gods, demons, and other spiritual entities show up in a psychological sense, but show up regardless. Also contains discussion of heavy dissociative spells, symbolic death, and ritual self-harm. Proceed with caution.
- [another name] Surprisingly, this name isn't our only Internet presence. :P We don't actively try and keep our other names secret anymore, but neither do we really talk about them openly. So this tag concerns everything regarding our non-plural hangouts and social life, and going-ons therein--art we do under that name is included here.
- [trauma delvings] This is where all detailed talk of our trauma history goes. The bulk of it is emotional parental abuse, but there's some sexual and physical abuse mixed in there as well. Some stuff that we deem too venty/hardcore for our general mental health tag will go in here as well. Again, proceed with caution.
[beneath the mask] Especially heavy ranty stuff used to go here, but we've decided such stuff is better kept entirely private. So this tag has been repurposed for "miscellaneous personal things that we don't want on our basic filter".

Content Warnings
We tag, warn, and cut posts discussing abuse (including sexual), rape, suicide, self-harm, politics, and syscourse. Unfortunately, we can't tag for more than that, but most of our posts will be cut anyway and will give you an idea of what to expect going in.

**All tags are subject to change! Last updated: 6/28/17**


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