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Thinking of starting this journal up again. It'll help to have a place to talk about life, that we have more control over.

Most of the journal will be private (filters to come soon), but for now, here's an about:

We are a plural system. Essentially, many people (sentient entities with their own individual thoughts, feelings, and subjective experiences of the world) who share the same brain and body.

We are mixed in origin--some of us came from childhood abuse and trauma, while others of us have no ties to trauma, and one of us was directly created by the others via tulpamancy. Those of us who are traumagenic match DID criteria, with memory loss, high baseline dissociation, etc, and we are semi-formally diagnosed--we've seen a DID specialist who said she thinks we have it, but were unable to continue seeing her due to finances, location, and various other issues, and thus do not have it on our formal record. However, we are often split upon identifying as such, and in any case do not consider it the end-all or be-all of our system. We introduce ourselves as having DID for ease of communication with newcomers to the subject and for the sake of disability representation, but consider ourselves a mixed-origin system first and foremost.

We feel very strongly about the following things:

- Each of us is as real as anyone else in the system, and we detest being called or considered "parts" or "personalities" (although we are fine with others who choose to identify as such). While in most spaces we will still work with people regardless of their beliefs on systems as long as they are not assholes, this space is very personal to us. Here, we will not interact with anyone who refuses to show all of our members basic human respect, or who considers any of us as being "less than", and will make active use of blocking and filtering.
- Even if the experiences are not the same, all forms of multiplicity and plurality are equally real and valid, and gatekeeping hurts EVERYONE. We have no patience for people obsessed with rooting out "fakers" or who think it's okay to bully and abuse someone else just because of their origin. We believe in judging people by their behavior, not by their identity.
- Likewise: the words "system", "headmate", and "multiple" are shared language. Any system is allowed to use them, regardless of origin. We do believe that there are some words exclusive to OSDD/DID/traumagenesis, like "alter", but we do not consider "correcting" people's language to be a priority and actually no longer care that much about endogenic systems using "alter", etc.
- Everyone has a right to their own experiences and the language to describe it. It is not our place to tell people what is "actually" going on with them or what words they should use to describe themselves. We also believe that this rule extends to medicine--doctors are not gods, medicine is not scripture, and people still have the final say on their own experiences.
- Abuse committed by an abuse victim is still abuse, and still harmful, and still wrong. Period.

Some other minority labels of ours: Asian-American, LGBT (both in the gender and orientation departments), physically disabled (chronic fatigue), autistic, trauma/abuse survivors. Diagnostic labels: PTSD, DID, OCD, depression (suspected to actually be bipolar II). None of these we consider to be the sum of who we are, just potential shorthands for a variety of experiences.

Various other labels: artists, (very rusty) programmers, cooks, writers, on-and-off gamers, furries. We're fond of various fandoms, among them Floraverse, The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Persona, Guild Wars 2, Undertale, Night in the Woods... we're aware that a good number of these have problematic aspects, but it doesn't make their personal significance any less. If you are bothered by them, we ask that you not follow us instead of lecturing us. We have a variety of other interests, primarily psychology, psychiatry (activism and trauma recovery especially), sociology, data organization and management, and of course, plurality (both its cultural and psychological aspects).

As for what we'll post here: still figuring that out. System art, probably, and various life happenings.

More to come later, maybe.
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